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Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections Keep You In The Know.

We offer two types of vehicle inspections. 

The first type we highly recommend If you are purchasing a new vehicle. For a small fee, make an appointment with us, and we will spend approximately 2 hours checking out the car. We will look at everything we can visually see and give you a comprehensive report of any items we see that need to be replaced or serviced. We will also provide a cost of repair for anything we find so you will have a good understanding of the current condition of the vehicle. You can also use this information as bargaining power when negotiating a purchase price. 

The second type of inspection we do as a complimentary service while we are working on your vehicle. We will check a 37-point list of items and advise you as to possible future or current attention your vehicle needs. We explain the severity of the issue and help you determine if it can be addressed at a later date or if it is important to do immediately to prevent a breakdown. On your invoice, there will be a section with recommendations and estimates so you will know how to budget for repairs in the future. Oftentimes, we can catch a minor issue and address it before it turns into a major issue and hopefully save you dollars in the future. 

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