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Diesel Services

Tulsa's Trusted Diesel Shop for Over 35 Years.

Diesel engines require a great deal of maintenance. They are prone to buildup of combustion deposits. These deposits can decrease fuel economy, affect fuel injector spray patterns, increasing exhaust emissions, and lead to restricted diesel particulate filters and hard starts. If ignored for an extended period of time, these issues can lead to more severe problems. 

Doing a little maintenance today can keep you from spending a lot tomorrow. We offer a performance oil change that cleans the piston rings to improve combustion and reduces blow-by, which could otherwise lead to severe deposits in intake manifold and emission components. High operating pressures and temperatures put a lot of stress on diesel oils. 

In our experience with diesel engines, those who properly maintain their vehicles on a scheduled maintenance program do not have major issues with their vehicles. 

On the other hand, those who ignore maintenance inevitably end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining your diesel. You have made a huge investment. Remember: a diesel engine can be an efficient and reliable work horse—if you maintain it well.

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