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A/C Repair

Keep Your Car Running Cool All Season Long

If your A/C isn’t cooling efficiently, it could be as simple as being low on freon. Freon carries lubricating oil, which is essential for lubricating and cooling your A/C compressor. If your A/C isn’t cooling properly and you ignore it, you could cause further damage to your system. This can result in compressor failure, which could put debris in your system, creating a major expense for you. Even in colder months, your compressor is active when you use defrost on your climate control. Don’t wait until summer to have your A/C checked for low freon! The damage could occur in colder months as well. All A/C systems have a dryer or an accumulator. We recommend replacing the dryer every 5 years or 50,000 miles. A dryer acts as a filter and removes any internal moisture and captures it in a desiccant bag. After a period of time, that bag will swell and start to leak desiccant throughout the system, causing restrictions and compressor failure. We want to avoid that and keep your A/C working efficiently for years to come. 

Most vehicles have a cabin filter, which is designed to trap pollen, dust, debris, and pollution, keeping the cabin air as fresh as possible. This helps especially during allergy seasons. If the filter becomes restricted, it can cause blower motor failure. We recommend you replace or check the cabin filter every 10,000 miles.

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