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Brake Services

Because Brake Failure Should Not Be An Option.

Don’t wait until your brake light comes on to have your brakes checked. Brake failure is extremely dangerous and can be avoided. There are 3 major components of a brake system. The first is the hardware (pads, rotors or shoes, and drums). The second component is hydraulic (fluid, hoses, master cylinder), and the last is computer control (ABS). Through routine inspection and maintenance, a potential failure can be prevented.

Most often, a test of your brake fluid, which is hygroscopic (absorbs water) and high copper oxides, can prevent a component breakdown in the hydraulic system and save you a major expense. We check brake fluid in our 37-point inspection. 

We also offer a brake flush, which is a very affordable service that helps prevent very expensive component failure. New fluid provides the ultimate temperature protection, moisture resistance, and lubricity for all disc and drum brake systems. 

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